Friday 3 February 2012

our latest project...kisoji...

Kisoji is a modern sushi restaurant, offering both the traditional style sushi conveyor and a full Japanese menu, alongside a purpose designed take-away shop front. Its' inspiration comes from classically styled Japanese finishes and detailing, featuring a solid timber bulkhead, Japanese screening and a rustic brick work feature wall.

Set on a timber ash floor, the sushi conveyor is fixed at dining table height and surrounded by 'Elan' stools by Basile & Evans.
Banquette seating is also incorporated into the design, allowing for a more private dining experience.
The design also features vintage Japanese chests detailed within the joinery and patterned Noren-style curtains.

An outdoor dining area offers a more relaxed style of dining and includes the addition of 'Portable' table lamps by Bloom.

The overall design blends the warmth of timber and rustic finishes with an interesting lighting concept to create a subtle interior that allows the food to be the hero of the design.

Interior Design - Steven Stewart, Ian Wrightson & Charlotte Russell (Wrightson Stewart)
Shop Fitter - Vizion Shopfitters
Feature Lighting - Darcy Clarke
Architectural Lighting - Performance in Lighting
Furniture - Janie Collins Interiors
Vintage Japanese Furniture - Kazari

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